What Were The 4 Marriages of John Lennon’s Widow Who Is Accused of Breaking Up The Liverpool Four?

 What Were The 4 Marriages of John Lennon’s Widow Who Is Accused of Breaking Up The Liverpool Four?

Yoko Ono is known as the widow of John Lennon, who turned ninety years old. It can be said that it was not the pictures she painted that brought her fame, but her romance with a musician. The love story of a Japanese woman and a famous musician is beautiful, but the latter was not the only one in Ono’s life.

Ono was born in Tokyo, raised by his mother. The little girl sometimes felt abandoned because she did not receive love and care from her parents.

His parents’ relations were very cold, so the child could not feel happy in such a family. Ono was provided only with money, education and a good life.

Parents were quite strict with Yoko, forcing her to follow the set rules. Before some borderline age, she couldn’t hang out with boys. The parents were sure that their daughter would later marry a good candidate, but Yoko was not going to obey the rules. At the age of twenty-three, she married a man whom her parents did not approve of at all.

And it’s not like Yoko loved that man. The latter was a poor pianist who had connections in the creative community. Presumably, this is what attracted Yoko. She also wanted to prove with this step that she didn’t  follow the instructions of her parents. After getting married, Ono had a hard time convincing her husband to move to the United States.

Here, her husband, Toshi, helped her get acquainted with the “bohemian” of New York. Ono wanted to become a translator. During these times, she flirted with various men despite the presence of her husband. Toshi even knew about his wife’s betrayals. But, in fact, he was holding out because he was also pursuing profit. Toshi hoped that his wife would help him in his career.

The girl had love affairs with representatives of various branches of art, and hoped that someone would see her talent. However, no one was interested in that. After this, she was in a bad state, she even attempted suicide.

Knowing about all this, Ono’s parents forced her to return to Japan immediately, saying that she can achieve success in his homeland. But when Ono went to Japan, her parents immediately took her to a psychiatric clinic. The girl was given drugs for treatment. Yoko was lying still and did not understand what was happening around her.

After some time she was visited by a young man from New York. He said that he admired Yoko’s works, and he really wanted to meet the artist. The young man’s name was Tony Cox. He went to the girl’s parents and was able to convince them that Yoko should be discharged from the clinic. Ono admired Tony, he was a savior. But Ono could not even imagine what was hidden in his past. In fact, Tony was selling illegal goods, he came to Japan to avoid problems, and he came to Ono because he found out that her parents were influential. However, not knowing this much, Yoko divorced her first husband and married Tony. When she found out that she was pregnant, she wanted to get rid of the unwanted child, as she had done many times. However, the doctors forbade it. After the birth of the child, Yoko went to the USA with her husband and daughter, and then to Great Britain.

Tony helped Yoko organize exhibitions. However, in the end, they decided to divorce. At that time, there was someone else in Yoko’s life, John Lennon. Tony took custody of his daughter. Later, they moved and Yoko could not see her daughter for many years.

Marriage with John Lennon was the best step in Yoko’s life. They were a very romantic couple.

Lennon was married, but when he met Yoko, he lost his head and divorced. They were always together, spent time together and were inseparable. No one understood what the musician found in that Japanese woman. Yoko always stated that she really loved John Lennon, the latter always supported her.

The artist kept the fourth marriage a secret, it was revealed only after the couple broke up. Ono hardly talks about her fourth marriage.

This is Yoko Ono now.

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