How Elvis Presley’s Only Daughter Lisa Passed Away: The Inescapable “Royal” Curse

 How Elvis Presley’s Only Daughter Lisa Passed Away: The Inescapable “Royal” Curse

Recently died Elvis Presley’s daughter at the age of 54. Lisa Marie was born after the marriage of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Elvis and daughter were very close to each other, father just adored his daughter. Even after her father’s death, Lisa Marie felt his presence and love and missed him so much.

After their parents’ divorce, Marie and Elvis remained the same for each other. Their attachment continued until Elvis’ death. Lisa was one when she lost her father. It was an indescribable pain. This difficult situation had a bad effect on her psyche.


The king’s daughter inherited the Graceland house and most of the property that was managed by Elvis’ father. After the latter’s death, the guardian remained the mother.

Many people see some similarity in the death of Elvis and his daughter. Like her father, Lisa was also found dead at home. Doctors diagnosed cardiac arrest. Her mother announced the news. “Trouble has happened. My beauty has left us.” Lisa Marie is known by many for her charities, musical activities and wonderful person.

On the eve of her death, Lisa took part in the “Golden Globe” award ceremony. There are many opinions associated with that day. According to some, she was very happy that day, while others are sure that she was walking slowly and confused.

Marie Presley had two children from her first marriage. She had twin girls from his fourth marriage.

Both father and daughter were found unconscious at home. Many experts say that this is related to genetics, because members of Presley’s family have had similar cases. Some consider all this a curse on the family.

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