How does the teenage boy live with the height and weight of a newborn baby

 How does the teenage boy live with the height and weight of a newborn baby

Khajendra Tapa Magar, the world’s tiniest person, lives in western Nepal. It might be hard to believe but at the mere age of 18 years old this teen is only fifty-five centimeters tall and weighs five and a half kilograms.Despite being Nepalese, the family consisting of parents, mother and brother are all of average height.

Despite the hardships they faced, the parents remain deeply devoted to their unique son. He was born with a very low weight of only 600 grams but somehow managed to survive and keep everyone around them hopeful. Raising him has been an exhausting journey but a rewarding experience for the family nonetheless.

As a young adult, Khajendra Tapa Magar had been wishing to get a proper education but unfortunately this proved impossible due to the family’s abject poverty. In an effort to make ends meet, his parents would take him around villages and perform shows so that they could earn money.Regrettably, this was the family’s only option for providing food and financing the boy’s medical needs at the time.

Despite being just 13 years old, Khajendra Tapa Magar’s parents applied to have him included in the Guinness Book of Records. Unfortunately, the application was declined as it was thought that he could still grow more as he reaches adulthood.Upon reaching her 18th birthday, Tapa’s parents applied for her to be officially recognized as the smallest person on earth. It is possible that she may even go down in history as the world’s minutest human being.

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