“Flabby arms and a wig.” What Monica Bellucci looks like now

 “Flabby arms and a wig.” What Monica Bellucci looks like now

Monica has decided to undertake natural aging without any cosmetic interventions; even though signs of age are starting to show, she is still against Botox or plastic surgery.Fans strongly support Bellucci in social networks, convincing that even with wrinkles on her face she has not lost her beauty.

Despite the passing of time, Monica Bellucci’s face remains unchanged! This was prominently demonstrated at the book presentation of Maria Callas, one of the most celebrated opera singers in the 20th century. Bellucci’s youthful look is an essential testament to her timeless beauty.

Monica made a dramatic entrance in front of the reporters wearing a scarlet-colored dress with a plunging neckline and long wavy hair that looked like a wig. For her makeup, she chose her signature look – subtle smoky eye makeup in shades of brown.

The actress looked stunningly toned, vibrant & glowing. Her face was aglow with a perpetual smile, & the tiny wrinkles just added to her allure.

When Monica started to use hand gestures, the people around her began to recognize that her hands had an unusual look – a bit flaccid and with very visible veins. It was the hands that gave away Monica Bellucci’s real age.

Monica is content with her age and looks. She knows that it’s impractical to stay young forever, but she also knows how to keep herself looking attractive. Most importantly, she recognizes the importance of not going overboard.

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