“Doesn’t have her mother’s body!” Reese Witherspoon’s 23-year-old daughter has become chubby

 “Doesn’t have her mother’s body!” Reese Witherspoon’s 23-year-old daughter has become chubby

It’s often remarked that Reese Witherspoon and Ava bear such a strong resemblance to each other, it’s as if they could be twins were it not for the 24-year age gap and the fact that one is a mother while the other is her daughter.

The strong resemblance between Reese and her mom is obvious on Instagram, to a point where it’s impossible to tell them apart. This has become something of an inside joke amongst their fans and the two often post photos of themselves wearing matching outfits as a way to celebrate their bond.

Eventually, however, there was still one distinction to be made.

Reese Witherspoon has an enviable figure. She looks absolutely stunning at 45-years-old and recently, photographers caught her out running. Her body is definitely something to be admired! Reese Witherspoon was wearing figure-hugging leggings and a T-shirt, leaving nothing to the imagination – it’s evident that she has no excess weight. Her flat stomach and toned legs without photoshop make her look stunning!

The actress has been vocal about her morning runs on dirt surfaces as an effective way to stay in shape. Yoga, cardio and hitting the gym are also part of her routine. It’s hard not to admire such determination and dedication!

However, the same cannot be said about Ava. When she was spotted by photographers on a regular walk, it was noticeable that, unlike her mother, she neglects sports. She does not have any muscle definition, but there is an excess of fat around her waist.

Check out what Hollywood celebrities’ children look like now! Some of them are as gorgeous as their parents, some are yet to match the beauty of their mom and dad.

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